What I’ve noticed is that patients are often a bit disorganized when it comes to their daily supplement regimen. I understand, being well and staying well can sometimes feel like a burden, but we make it easy with WholeHealth Supplement and Infusion Therapy Subscriptions.

We offer a variety of plans to fit your needs and lifestyle. Plus, our staff and providers are always here to help you decide what best fits your individual requirements.

Convenience: Each month a box will arrive with the supplements you need.

Quality: We include the top brands carried in our Apothecary: Integrative Therapeutics, Metagenics, Xymogen, Pure Encapsulations, Thorne, and others, many sold only through our on-site Apothecary and online store.

Customization: In addition to the basics, nothing is written in stone. Some of you may have very specific supplement regimens. You have the options to create your own customized subscriptions.

Cost: You are welcome to do the price comparison, believe me, our number crunchers have done just that for you. You can expect 30% - 50% savings off our WholeHealth retail prices, which, in most cases were equal or less than the big retailers anyways.

Finally since many of you now include infusion (IV) therapies as part of your optimal health program, 3 out of 4 plans include our most popular IVs.

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Subscriptions Perks

Affordable payments

Supplements are something you should be taking year-round; our plans make it easy for you to make 12 monthly payments and get your monthly supplements shipped to your door.

Cancel Any Time

Subscriptions are month to month with no long-term commitment, so you can cancel or change your plan at any time.

WholeHealth Discount

Get a discount at WholeHealth Chicago on most WholeHealth products and services not included in your monthly plan.

High Quality Products

WholeHealth Plans only include the finest quality supplements and infusions, most available only from health care practitioners.

Build Your Own Plans

We understand that everyone’s health essentials are unique, so we’ve developed a customized option for our WholeHealth Subscriptions. You can choose supplements and/or infusion therapy that best suit you.